ADIDAS' blooper in a TV commercial!

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The Same Old Oral-B TVC

Saturday, March 5, 2011 · 1 comments

I am sure you have seen many Oral-B TV commercials in your life. The only thing you remember about them, perhaps, is a visual showing the bristles brushing through the unreachable areas of your teeth in a fair attempt to clean all the left-overs of your diet. Right?

Well, pick any Oral-B commercial from the history, that's what you will find. The only part they lay emphasis on, I believe, is the utility of the tooth-brush. With the use of technology, they have more than often come up with commercials to show how the tooth-brush works on your teeth while all you are doing is just randomly pulling and pushing the brush inside your mouth.

Don't you think a concept change is required here? I, for one, have now understood and learned how the tooth-brush works. Almost all the other brands work in more-or-less similar ways. Somewhere down the line there lies a dire need to differentiate the offering - atleast in TVCs.

I think now these utility-based commercials should be given a break and in-turn be replaced with something more humourous and out-of-the box. We all know now that every tooth-brush is used by '8 out of 10' dentists around the world. Tooth-brush companies need to keep this fact away for sometime and focus on providing something that will help us recollect the Oral-B brand the next time we are out to buy a tooth-brush.

Have a look at this 1984 Oral-B commercial. I think this is much much better than the Oral-B TV commercials today.

Don't you think so?

A Day In The Life Of India

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